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Events in Bruges

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Bruges is the ideal travel destination for a pleasant outing or a relaxing weekend away, not only because of the perfect mix of culture, history and romance, but also because of the many interesting events in Bruges. The city regularly organises events that provide a unique experience. We gladly list for you which events in Bruges are worth a visit.

Events in Bruges: Processions

Are you looking for some unique events in Bruges? The city organises memorable processions every so often. Every year, the procession of the Holy Blood takes place in the heart of Bruges. This religious parade consists of a procession of large floats depicting scenes from the Old and New Testaments. Every five years you can also admire the Pageant of the Golden Tree in Bruges. With this enchanting procession the city celebrates its existence and pays tribute to the most important moments of its history. Every four years the Canal feasts (Reiefeesten) take place along the fairy-tale-like illuminated canals and on the Burg.

Photo: Jan Darthet

Sporting events in Bruges

If you are looking for sporting events in Bruges, you should definitely attend the Elfstedenronde. In June the city is the setting for this glorious cycling race, ridden in and around Bruges. The one-day competition for professional cyclists passes through eleven cities, but the start and the finish are usually set in Bruges. If you are a cycling fanatic and on an outing in Bruges, then this event is definitely not to be missed.

Photo: Jan D'Hondt

Yearly events in Bruges

The World Heritage City also organises many annual events in Bruges. There is the Christmas market with a famous skating rink where you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere on top. In May there is the May-fair, and also for the festivities on ‘t Zand you must be in Bruges. In the UNESCO World Heritage City, the Beer Festival, the Cactus Festival and the Musica Antiqua Festival are held annually, also the atmospheric Festival Moods and the food festival Kookeet are annual events not to be missed in Bruges. For more detailed information, have a look on www.visitbruges.be. You can spend the night in one of the stylish hotels of The Swan Hotel CollectionBook now directly with us and enjoy the most advantageous rates or contact us for more information.

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