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Sous-chef - Dukes Restaurant

The Swan Hotel Collection

As the chef’s right hand you are partly responsible for the proper functioning of the kitchen where excellent and consistent quality is a priority. The main tasks are to prepare a good mise en place, to finish the dishes during the service and after the service you are responsible for leaving the kitchen clean. You monitor the HACCP standards throughout this process. The sous chef works with the kitchen team under the supervision of the chef. The kitchen works closely together with the restaurant team.


  • You perform all preparations in accordance with the chef’s instructions
  • You can replace the chef for the full kitchen service in his absence
  • You might have to give instructions to kitchen assistants
  • You provide the mise en place
  • You are responsible for preparing, arranging and garnishing dishes
  • You monitor and process food surpluses
  • You check the quality and freshness of the products
  • You ensure hygienic storage and storage of food and you keep the fridge and freezer orderly and clean
  • You check the stock and you place orders with the chef
  • You clean your work instruments and workplace
  • You are responsible for order, cleanliness and safety in the kitchen
  • You respect safety standards during the work and you signal malfunctions / defects


  • Passion for cooking
  • Knowledge of gastronomy
  • Thorough knowledge of HACCP
  • Flexibility in terms of timetables
    Variable work schedule, 38-hour week, 5-day week
    Splits shifts
    Weekend work
  • Stress-resistant
  • Reliable
  • Accurate, blessed with an eye for detail
  • Team player who can work independently
  • Positive working mentality
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